The team at Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center in Walton, KY is renowned for their beautiful countryside facility, flexible hours, and compassionate pet care. As a top-notch dog boarding facility, they’ve seen their share of pets who are afflicted with anxiety. They know that though your pet may not be human, it’s still an important member of your family, and they want to provide you with the best tools to help your pets cope and be calm.

Here are three of their top tips for reducing pet anxiety:

  • Do Your Research: Before you commit to a dog kennel, do your research. Don’t stop at checking out websites. Dive deeper and read online reviews. Online reviews aren’t always trustworthy, but if you see the same positive (or negative) themes popping up in several different comments or on various review sites, you can begin to form a better picture of what’s really going on at a given dog kennel. Finding a place that’s right for your pet will go a long way toward preventing anxiety down the line for you and your pet.

  • Ask About How Your Pet’s Particular Needs Will Be Met: If your pet has special needs, it’s important to find a facility that’s accustomed to accommodating them. Some dogs need medication to be administered, some need more one-on-one attention, and some need to be handled in a certain way to keep them calm and avoid escalating any anxiety they may be feeling. Not only does Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center care for special-needs dogs, but they don’t even charge anything extra.
  • Let Your Pet Take A Test Drive: You would probably be anxious if you were dropped off at a new place for several days with no warning, so it’s probably doubly difficult for a pet that doesn’t understand what’s going on. If you choose a dog boarding center that also offers doggy day care, your pet can have the opportunity to visit ahead of time and become accustomed to the new environment. It can also be a great anxiety reliever for owners to know before they leave for an extended trip that their canine companion is in good hands.

If you’re a dog-owner in the Walton area, Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center can provide all kinds of services beyond dog boarding. They genuinely care about all their canine visitors, short-term and long-term, and it shows. Call them today at (859) 356-6457 or visit their website to learn more about dog boarding and find out more about how you and your pet can benefit from their caring expertise.