You love your dog, and you want to make sure they stay happy and healthy throughout their lives. So, what are the best ways to achieve that goal? Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center in Walton, KY, is led by owner and dog obedience training expert Wayne, who has been working with dogs for over five decades. In addition to running the best dog boarding and training facility in the area, Wayne and his team of dog experts want to make sure pet owners are getting accurate pet care information.

Here, the dog obedience training professionals offer some basic dog care tips:

  • Proper Diet: All dog food is not created equal. Some brands are much better than others. The pet experts at Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center recommend choosing dog food based on quality, not price. For additional safety, never let your pup eat caffeine, chocolate, or artificial sweeteners.
  • Exercise: A daily walk is about more than just letting your pet relieve himself: Just like you, it’s very important that your dog gets regular exercise. Taking your dog for walks or runs every day will increase his agility, promote healthy digestion, and keep him from gaining too much weight.


  • Car Safety: When you take your dog in the car with you, be sure to use the proper pet restraints. A dog who is not securely strapped in is distracting and even dangerous to the driver and also runs the risk of being seriously injured should you get into an accident while you’re out.

Additionally, dog obedience training will help your dog become a well-mannered pet who responds to important commands. Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center offers the best training and behavior modification services for dogs in Walton. They take an individualized approach to training for both adult dogs and puppies, and will ensure that you learn to communicate effectively with your pet.

For dog grooming, boarding and training services provided by staff members that are both knowledgeable and truly love dogs, contactCanine Companion Training and Boarding Center by calling (859) 356-6457 today or by visiting them online.