There is no place in Walton, KY quite like Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center. It’s the perfect country-style haven for dog grooming, boarding, and puppy training. The center staffs expert trainers who pride themselves on providing compassionate care and training for every pet.

Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center is passionate about ensuring all pets are cared for properly, which is why they suggest these two tips for pet owners: 


  • Don’t be Lax on Pet Training: It’s easy to allow puppy love to overrule naughty behavior from your pet, but caring for a dog requires responsibility and discipline. Training your pet to listen to your commands is a top-priority safety issue; without the proper obedience training, dogs might encounter dangerous situations with other people, animals, and environments, like a busy intersection. The Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center offers effective dog obedience training for commands like stay and heel that could save your pet’s life.
  • Pay Attention to Their Needs: Pets are more like children than lawn ornaments; they require a lot of diligent upkeep. Track your pet’s nutrition, water-intake, grooming, bathroom habits and exercise. Try to limit their exposure to environmental risks like toxic houseplants to keep your dog happy and healthy.

To learn more about responsible pet ownership and the services offered by Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center, call (859) 356-6457 today.