Does your dog wait at the door, anxious for you to come home from work? Nobody likes when they have to leave their dog alone for long periods of time, and most dogs don’t love it either. Dogs are social animals, so they are happiest when they get to run around and interact with people and other dogs.

If you live in the Walton, Kentucky, area, there is a place where your dog can do that every day. The doggy day care services at Walton’s Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center are sure to keep your pup happy and entertained all day long, with frequent walks and lots of space to roam with other dogs. Plus, walks and playtime are included at no additional charge!

Some dog sitting businesses or kennels just watch and feed your beloved pet, but the caring, experienced owner of Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center wants every dog to socialize and exhibit good behavior, which is why they also offer puppy training and advanced dog training. By committing to a small kennel atmosphere, each dog receives personal attention and care, so you can be confident your pet is treated well during the day.

Another benefit of doggy day care is that because dogs are more active during the day, they may be easier to manage once you bring them home. Offering a country atmosphere with the option for weekend, early, or late drop-offs and pick-ups, Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center is the best option to ensure your dog stays happy throughout the week.

If you always wished you could give your dog more attention, but you just don’t have the time between work and your family, doggy day care might be the right choice for you and your pet. To learn more or to start a program today, visit Canine Companion Training and Boarding Center online or call them at (859) 356-6457.