Snow, ice, and frigid temperatures are here, which means that we’re in the thick of winter. Pets left outside and exposed to the harsh elements are particularly vulnerable in winter, so take caution when they go outside. The dog boarding and dog obedience training experts at Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center in Walton, KY, explain the dangers of leaving your pet outdoors in the winter and offer advice on how to keep your pet warm, happy, and healthy all season long.

Just as humans shouldn’t stay outside in the cold for too long, pets shouldn’t either. Even though they have fur coats, they’re still at risk for hypothermia and frostbite if left outside for too long in cold temperatures. Elderly, arthritic, short-haired, and short-legged pets can have an especially tough time in winter weather. If the temperatures are frigid, you may even have to take shorter walks with your dog. Talk to your veterinarian about how long your pet can stay outside, particularly if they have a severe health condition like heart disease or diabetes.

There are certain things to watch out for if you let your pet exercise outdoors. Pets who walk around outside in winter can get painful cracked paws from the salt on streets, sidewalks, and driveways. You can prevent cracked paws by putting boots on your pets (although they may not like this), applying musher’s wax to the paws, or washing their paws after they’ve been outside. For your safety and the safety of your dog, avoid ice when you take your dog out for a walk.

Canine Companion Training & Boarding Center knows how to keep your pets safe in winter—they’ve spent years caring for dogs at their dog boarding kennel in Walton, KY. If you’re looking for a dog boarding, grooming, or puppy training facility, give the professionals a call at(859) 356-6457 or visit their website.