Pet Training in Northern Kentucky

Teaching your dog top-notch manners

Canine Companion offers professional dog training, behavior counseling and modification programs in Northern Kentucky. Built on the understanding that your dog is a pack animal with its own individual needs, we teach owners how to properly and effectively communicate with and understand their pets.Beginning with a behavior consultation, our experienced trainers have helped thousands of families and their pets achieve balance and harmony in their homes.Canine Companion offers a full range of programs for dogs and puppies of all ages. Please contact our office in Walton for current rates on our training programs.

Puppy Preschool / Kindergarten

This is a private session for puppies age 8 through 24 weeks. This session focuses on building the foundation for a well-behaved member of your family (pack). This session also reinforces the necessary socialization skills your puppy needs to be a well-rounded member of society.You will also learn how to imprint basic manners, including:

  • Addressing play biting
  • Walking on a leash
  • House-breaking
  • Commands such as sit, down, and recall

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Basic Obedience Lessons

These dog training lessons consist of private sessions for dogs 6 months and up. These are scheduled at the owner’s convenience and will cover topics specific to your dog’s needs and/or problem areas.

Residency Programs

Residency programs are our most popular set of dog training programs. These programs are for dogs 6 months of age and older. Ranging from 1 to 4 weeks, your pet enjoys an extended visit at our Walton facility where they unlearn old behaviors, learn new behaviors, practice appropriate pack social skills, and are monitored for problem behaviors.Towards the end of the program, the dogs’ family will visit to receive instructions on the new behaviors and learn how to integrate these behaviors in their home environment. All residency programs include follow up lessons for the entire family.Animals, like people, mature at different rates based on genetic and environmental factors. We will take the maturity of a dog into consideration before placing in a program. Dogs behave differently in different environments and sometimes owners may need assistance to analyze and correct these situations. We will make ourselves available for your needs.