Pet Grooming

At Canine Companion Boarding & Training Center in Walton, KY, we offer dog grooming services that utilize the best equipment and products available.We provide an extensive range of treatments designed to ensure that your pet leaves bright-eyed and bushy-tailed—everything from simple washes and hair cutting to more advanced treatments. Rest assured that we have the experience to make sure that no client goes away with their tail between their legs!Our dog grooming services are available by appointment only. Please call our office in Walton to schedule your pet’s beauty day.Grooming services may also be added to your pet’s boarding or training visit.

Regular grooming services

The dog grooming parlor at Walton’s Canine Companion prides itself on the highest level of service by continuing our education at every possible opportunity and by utilizing the best equipment and products available.The following services are included in your pet’s grooming:

  • Beauty consultation by an experienced grooming professional
  • Luxury bath
  • Deep cleansing massage-action bathing system
  • Hand blow dry to maximize fluffiness
  • Removal of excess undercoat for those dogs that shed
  • Toe nail trim (grinding is also available)
  • Sanitary trim
  • Breed hairstyling
  • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Checking of anal glands and external expression as needed
  • Finished look is completed with a stylish bandana or bows.



Please note that all prices are dependent on a dog’s size, as well as condition of the coat. Quotes can be given over the phone, however an actual price cannot be set until the groomer sees the dog.