About Us


Wayne Fields, Owner/ Trainer

Wayne has been involved with animals for over 50 years. He was raised on a farm and participated in 4H as a child. Upon entering college as a pre-veterinary student he switched his major to biology/chemistry and had a long career with Procter & Gamble in research and development. During his working career he maintained his love of animals through breeding and training German Shepherd Dogs. Over the years, Wayne’s hobby has evolved into the leading training and boarding facility it is today.

Wayne’s education accolades include the National Canine School for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio; continuing education seminars including Cornell University in Ithaca New York; several years in the Greater Cincinnati Schutzhund Club; and over 50 years of practical interaction with animals of all shapes and sizes. Wayne resides on the Canine Companion property with his menagerie of pets, including his Sheltie Heidi and his Standard Poodle.

Sheri Sipple, Kennel Director/Dog Lover Extraordinaire

Sheri, also known to customers as Sharon, has always been an animal lover, particularly dogs. As a child her favorite TV shows were Mutual of Omaha, Wild Kingdom, Lassie and the Wonderful World of Disney. Sheri has co-habitated with a variety of animals, from hamsters to horses, dogs and even a snake, to name a few.

Sheri previously worked in the restaurant business, but prefers her job at CCI. She exercises and feeds the dogs and cats, takes care of the grooming clients, and also assists in training the dogs. She loves her job because she likes seeing the different breeds and enjoys watching the Residency trainers evolve into well-behaved family members. She says it’s always funny to hear an owner say “that’s not my dog!” Sheri just loves taking care of your pet and we think she’s the best at it. Sheri currently resides in Grant County with her husband Randy and her Sheltie, Shellie.